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A piece of news sometimes brings us memories from afar that don't seem to relate to the news, but they do. This is what I thought of when I found out that her Majesty Elizabeth The Second was 90.
Season nine of "The Voice" has reached the semi finals. With a brutal elimination on the horizon, who shined the most when the nine remaining singers took the stage?
It's one week shy of the semi finals on "The Voice" and the top 10 singers step up their performances.
We're at a public event on a bridge. And just below us, the queen will soon pass. There she is! Lovely. Well, now that that's all over and done with, it's time to go have dinner.
Today we will look at Mary Queen of Teck in our series on female monarchs of Britain.
Rusty is a young chap who wants to serve in the Third Rifles, a change of events changes his destiny into what he never thought or dreamed about. He saves the life of their Queen and meet up with giant lizards. A page turner, a must read.
The article speaks about the great performances of Kangana Ranaut in the recent films. On her birthday her admirers expect her to continue the good work.
A brief History Of Portchester Castle in Hampshire, United Kingdom
Analysing the BBC's response to concerns I raised about possible Satanic chicanery in its representation of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" as a song with mood lifting and healing qualities.
Challenging BBC-ComRes claims about Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' as music therapy
Romantics, foodies, mystery seekers and anyone who loves the paranormal will simply flourish in style by stepping back into the Victorian era at the Victorian Rose Bed & Breakfast where ghosts have been a large part of the building's history beginning with the singing female ghost who...
One quality most centenarians share is an ability to not dwell on difficulties. Nutrition is a key element to living a healthy, long life. Fiber in your diet is extremely important, along with taking a daily multi-vitamin and physical activity, like walking three times a week can reve...
According to the Tennessee tourism guide, Loretta's haunted plantation mansion is the seventh largest attraction in the state of Tennessee due largely to the haunted mansion, trail rides, recording studio, cemetery, museums, lodging, and other fun attractions. The ranch is built entir...
In the video, which by the Daily Mail described as an event of excessive self-indulgence and moral decay in the Royal Palace in Bangkok Thailand , looks Srirasmi daughter , a former waitress , g- string clad only mini when he gave the cake to the dog .
Into the heart of everyone one day will come the sound of soul. Essences profound will fill your senses and love will encompass day for all this will be...enjoy
A poem of a long time ago when the Campbell tribes ruled the Gaelic lands and Celtic tribes were alive. The Mercury line is about a Roman God not a planet, and remember to dance when the Warriors rise and salute with a scream. Hope you enjoy this poem written by Bravo Von Muller who i...
It is early on a foggy day in London town a nightingale is singing in Barclay Square when the Presenter starts his Overview
The Queen of Neverwhen laments the loss of Lord Brightshade and learns to go on without him.
Like the movements of our thoughts, imaginations can run wild..images galore within our minds that on the page then do formulate a story with an ending maybe now or later perhaps..a journey such I take you on....
Many famous drag queens have filled stage and scene. Ru Paul made this character famous. The original Super Model.
The Flaming Queen is a very interesting character. Nothing to do with the Queen.
Egypt was not independent. It was a client state of Rome. It means that Egypt was part of the Roman Empire. At that time, Egypt had a king or queen, called Cleopatra. Cleopatra was born in 70 BC. She was daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Her father died when she was young. She became ...
Heaven is within our grasp every minute of everyday no matter what others say. So gather ye rosebuds whilst ye may and walk into the place of Grace inside and out. You will be well pleased and the rewards will be great...
The Minotaur in the Labyrinth - Greek Mythology Research/Report
We are all One in levels above the we can there be whom We truly that may bother many but one day when 'you get clear' you will know of what I write..blessings...
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