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The short story relating the journey of a young man who is returning home after years in college; to his home in the wheatlands of the Palouse country of southeastern Washington state.
Our inner yearnings are clear from time immemorial though we are blinded by those that that prove fleeting leading to Pyrrhic victories at most. Peace is eminently attainable with nature and other species showing the way and history is our teacher. Let us sit together to chart our pa...
A poem about a young lad on a quest to find his lost parent in scattered destination
A poem about a young lad on a quest to reunite with his lost parent with destination uncertain
In my search In my quest Whenever i think of the impossible I think of a Saviour Whenever i think of a Saviour I think of a mighty one A mighty one who is capable of conquering the unbeatable foe
When we were born with no possession, the love received was our concession, no worries, no fears, no troubles, no fuss. In mother's arms we put our trust...
Quest to see ...your eyes...There is a twist in this one ...I shall leave it as a secret ...Do read it
We all crave for a quick turnaround: the earth should be static and men dynamic; men should step up the rungs and reach the top with a static ladder, and that the colors of yesterday should only be nothing when placed against today’s.
So many times people give up the royalty of their being to become a searcher of earthly takes them away from the reason they came to this place..this earthly paradise. Recognize you will again if you look from altitude not attitude...try it...
This piece inspired itself as I dreamed of a friend and then it morphed into what it is...I also wonder why and how and when will come that moment of goodbye...
A merchant has a quest, he lives his life searching... will he find what he is looking for?
A quest can be frivolous or noble, altruistic or self-serving. The quest is that which we choose to move toward. It can be a person, an object or an idea.
A message forwarded to Earthlings from somewhere WAY out there in the cosmos.
This was a vision I had experienced while in the middle (well, nearer the end, actually) of making love with my husband. This vision had real meaning in our relationship.
A story poem about a young Squire and his wife. After the King has falsely accused her of being an enchantress. The young Squire must turn the darkness of Knights', back into day. For all the willing Knights have failed.
I have the quest, To find my heart's guest, To come and stay with me when the two cords resonate.
A guide to the 3 most recent Runescape events: O Little Town of Daemonheim, The Golden Hammer & 10th Anniversary Birthday Celebration.
There's always room for a burly reptilian bounty hunter on the team. This article will help you make it so.
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