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It seems to me that we all have questions we want to find answers for, or is it that we have answers in search of questions. This is my little poem in search of both.
I am an old Marine and that runs deep. I will always stand up and protect my country, my home, the land I love, the nation that has given so much in blood and life for others and only asked for that small piece of ground on which holds the bodies of our fallen heroes. And these are th...
They work when the work comes to them… meaning that they only paint, draw, write, sew, or write, when they feel like it. Creative people know the mind performs best in small bursts of concentrated work.
This is the story of our questions, questions answered and unanswered, of our wants and needs and that yearning we all have inside us for any kindness.
“It felt as if everything that had happened so far in my life had been leading me to this point, preparing me for this task, and that I was uniquely equipped to pursue this quest. It was a perfect collision of personality, past experience, purpose, and timing.” ― Roz Savage, S...
We all wish at one point or another that we could change something about ourselves. One particular thing that we can't seem to figure out, and when we can't do so. We start looking to the manufacturer for answers.
With the crowning of a new Pope, the world looks on and wonders. I wonder at the simplicity of the ministry of Jesus the Christ and how it morphed into a whole different form. I wonder what He would say and do.......
Children often use the word, "why?" "Why cause?" "Why how?" They are curious about many happenings in life that adults are often not accustomed to. They often ask questions about things that we sometimes can not answer. Sometimes we just don't know how to answer some questions. Then t...
This article is about Asking Questions.. We must encourage our kids to ask questions and answer to all their good questions
For those who question still their connection with Spirit and God, this might help!! For those who wont admit they have a soul, this might help!
Reading my poetry, someone asked me these three questions to include my answers in their research paper. I gave my answers, but never got any feedback from the reader.
AnswerThon Xtreme is an answering contest at Wiki Answers website which is a Q&A site to share your knowledge and learn while you ask, answer, edit and interact with other users.
These are the top 5 questions you will be asked during a job interview. They help employers decide if you are the most qualified person for the job.
"ASK THE WEATHERMAN" this is going to be a new ongoing chance to ask a weatherman what is on your mind about the weather.
What are you going to do if someone tells you writing sucks?
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