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Passing your exams with good scores is easy when you know how. Writing exams will be a lot easier when you start preparing early and not wait till the last minute. Hard work and perseverance will help you pass your exams with high scores.
Those deep questions can keep you up at night, yes, and there is nothing you can do about it.
Just a poem that tries to describe questions and answers. This poem is going to be a list poem.
Danny's Grandpa dies and I find the even Danny thinks about death and the afterlife sometimes.
It seems to me that we all have questions we want to find answers for, or is it that we have answers in search of questions. This is my little poem in search of both.
I am an old Marine and that runs deep. I will always stand up and protect my country, my home, the land I love, the nation that has given so much in blood and life for others and only asked for that small piece of ground on which holds the bodies of our fallen heroes. And these are th...
They work when the work comes to them… meaning that they only paint, draw, write, sew, or write, when they feel like it. Creative people know the mind performs best in small bursts of concentrated work.
Dive deep in to the human self as this article takes us on a journey through time questioning our actions and answering our deepest identity questions. Where are integrity, equality and human values? What is right? What is wrong? Are we allowed to impart judgment on others if human i...
This is the story of our questions, questions answered and unanswered, of our wants and needs and that yearning we all have inside us for any kindness.
Zen meditation is short and sweet in that all you do is to busy your mind with a koan. When the mind is occupied trying to find an answer to such an unanswerable question, it relinquishes its hold on you in such a way that this immediately frees you to connect spontaneously again to...
If you grew up in the USA or Canada then you will know about the TV game show Jeopardy as being one to challenge your intelligence, yet on the other side of the Atlantic, in the birthplace of the English language, then you will be familiar with Mastermind as arguably fulfilling the ne...
Let’s face it: at least once in a life time each one of us had to be reminded by a diploma of some dormant qualities.
Felipe and Mona's thoughts turn to the fact that this may be their last year in Southern Arm.
Sometimes the words seem to pile up in front of me...Why would someone say something like that? There's too many of them. I can't see over them, and I cannot go around them and I wonder why as I fade to black. Actually...My son has been in a terribly accident and this hunt for stars s...
This page will provide information on what to do before going in a job interview. Following these steps and keeping in my mind these little advices will surely get you a job. The road to a successful job application: your journey starts now!
Truth and Lies, One found, another lost To be found again, All through cyberspace.
This piece came up after a class I attended at the weekend on the Nine Transformations It was to be on alchemy but inside I was told not to do that so instead this came through. As many of you know my brother is the most precious being in my life and this is dedicated to him.
This is a strange piece written when having dinner at a friend of mine's restaurant. Noise and what people call fun...for me an opportunity to write whilst blocking out peoples' inanities ......
Where are we? and where are we headed, do we know it, do we need guidance
When will you stop asking why and how and where of others...instead journey into the bliss filled places that are within each one of us where your soul and Holy Spirit reside..answers there too always for me and for you...blessings at this holy time to all those I love and even those ...
To expand the knowledge not only to read and listen to the speech . It could also be the question .
All the answers here can not be accounted academically . But I expect you to be inspired or feedback , then act on it.
Trying to know the answers of many questions.. begining with who i am.. why i am so.. what made me so.. who made me so... nd so on...!!
With the change in time and responsibilties will it be the same?? This one for someone really close to my heart.. A question.. A confusions.. Of my heart...!! Are the things gona be same forever as they are??
Children look at life in such a simple way and it is too bad that we as adults cannot view the world in the same way.
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