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We tend to rely on many types of quotes to motivate ourselves in running our life successfully
Sometimes a word, short phrase, or even a brief article are able to change our lives, including mine. I experienced a lot of changes in life just because of a little sentences that I found, most people call it the quote. I 'll try to write down some quotes that I found in my life, thi...
A list of Inspirational Quotes that will help you conquer the difficulties of life , Don't forget to start reading from Inspirational Quotes part - 1
a list of inspirational quotes that will enlighten you
A list of inspirational quotes that will enlighten you for sure
A list of Inspirational quotes that will cheer you up
Inspirational Quotes Part - 2, amazing inspirational quotes that will enlighten you as soon as you read them
Amazing Inspirational Quotes part - 1 , lots of amazing inspirational quotes that can enlighten you as soon as you read them
i Recently Completed 100 pages. But as New pages come up. Old ones keep getting lost in oblivion. To bring them back from dead, here is list of all my Poetry on Wikinut
I bleed to your tunes…in perfect synchrony. A Sad and Romantic Poem.
You will never understand what pain really is until you have lost Love. If you love someone with everything you have and more and they betray you, you are no longer alive. A Poem describing the pain of love lost by writing own Epitaph.
Life has many tricks up her sleeve. just when you thought everything's gonna be fine, life does a 180 flip. A Poem about life in the bitter sweet world.
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