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If your child was bitten by a dog you might be concerned if your child is at risk for getting rabies? Can children get rabies from a vaccinated dog? How to know if your child is infected with rabies. How to tell if a dog is carrying rabies.
Rabies is a dangerous infectious disease. It is transmitted to people through the infected animals, mostly from bites scratches and even simple licks. If a person develops clinical signs of rabies, the disease practically results in death.
Rabies is a viral disease that causes acute encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) in warm-blooded animals.
Virus is a microscopic organism that lives in a cell of another living thing. Viruses are extremely small but they are a big threat to our health because they are the cause of major diseases. Some viruses often cause most of the modern diseases that is difficult to be cured and be tre...
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