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Speed Kills! Some drivers think that accidents only happen to other people, and never them. This is often the belief of teens who don't realize that accidents can happen anytime, any place and to anyone.
These are the ideas I have about fast. You can probably think of more.
Finding the ideal spectator position at the Talladega Superspeedway will help to enhance the racing experience.
NASCAR is perhaps the most popular motorsport in the US. However, despite popular opinion, not all of the racetracks for the series are of the same type, as this article explains
Faithfully reproduced by a distant relative of Tim Birkin - one of the original 1920’s Bentley Boys who used to rip up the tracks in England in supercharged Bentley motor cars - and with a distinctive Lotus appearance, the Birkin S3 Roadster is available as a complete turn-key model...
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