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A young white male walks into a historically-black church in Charleston, South Carolina, prays for an hour and then opens fire, killing at least 9 people. Is this the plot of a poorly conceived Hollywood movie, or real-life? What it really is, is the story of racism in America that ha...
Eskimos, popularly and interestingly called snow men are unique group of people from the rest of the world’s population. They are unique in terms of their lifestyle.
New Yorkers want their voices heard in the wake of a Staten Island jury declining to indict Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner.
The tragic loss of life in Ferguson, Mo. just underscores the need to implement policies that will restore much more economic opportunities where the balance and equality prevail with all ethnic groups.
Race relations and injustice in America as opposed to discrimination on a large scale around the world. Not everybody sees Blacks in the same understanding light as white-guilt ridden-Liberal America does. This article is open for discussions in a civil manner.
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