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The narrative framing the events in Baltimore comes straight from the consciousness of the oppressor. We need to look beyond the false premises of the established order to understand what's really occurring.
There will come a day, perhaps sooner than later, when frustration and desperation in the black community boils over to the point where resistance morphs into revolution.
An account of the shooting of Walter Scott by North Charlston police officer Michael Slager.
Racism in America is everywhere. It even surfaces in school classrooms, whre the perpetrators are not students, but their teachers.
"Sometimes, I have dared to dream... that one day, history may even say that my voice - which disturbed the white man's smugness, and his arrogance, and his complacency - that my voice helped to save America from a grave, possibly even a fatal catastrophe." - Malcolm X
Racism is a cancer that eats away the souls of its practitioners. Unfortunately, it is ubiquitous in America. Two recent examples, one from the media, and one from those charged to protect and serve, prove the point.
Here is my letter to America on the recent events in the news.
Not only in Ferguson, but also in other cities all across America, African-Americans are rising up to demand justice for people of color.
As an African American woman in my 60's I have struggled with racism and bigotry my entire life. The struggle has changed but it continues.
White Americans, it can be said, are in deep denial regarding their own abject racism.
What can happen when people pull 'race cards' out of their sleeve.
Anna Brown needed help, but she was arrested and jailed instead.
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