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An answer to the question to the origin of races, based on considerations of scripture and genetics.
This is one you have all been waiting for. The Original Record account of just how and why the Hellion races penetrated the rip in the fabric of space and who indeed put it there. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
What brought the Dark Ages on and how and when did it actually begin? Who "began" the ONE GOD doctrine and would it catch on with the Seed People of the Federation of Unified and Free Planets? - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
What was the first practiced language of the Middle East and does it still exist? What about the same race of people, and which sector set up and maintained the original “Eden” was it one sector or many? – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
Eskimos, popularly and interestingly called snow men are unique group of people from the rest of the world’s population. They are unique in terms of their lifestyle.
We are all running an race every day, missing little enjoyments of life
The abuse and training of race horses in America the pitfalls and poor horsemanship lacking in modern horse racing in America , the best horseman these days would be the German Jerry Hollandorfer
Speed Kills! Some drivers think that accidents only happen to other people, and never them. This is often the belief of teens who don't realize that accidents can happen anytime, any place and to anyone.
The Yamaha rider is currently not want to think about a world title because the main aim now is to be back winning races
While whites arm themselves around the country.myself or others cry out for less black on black crime also the violence.disparity as is befalls the black African Americans themselves. They are part of the fallen lifestyle that is making the blacks disappear into the dust of there anc...
It takes all sorts to make the world go around...houses, people, cars, even chimney pots!!! Fruits on trees and hedgerows..Nature's gifts to us....enjoy ye ones who in the countryside abide.....
Is there a middle ground between the notion of "Creation" as told in the "Book of Genesis" as well as in other "Holy Books" and the "Darwinian theory of evolution "? Yes, the TRUTH! - James Cortez
Every eyer camel festival was celebrating Indian deseart city of Bikaner of Jaipur India. There camels are coming from different parts of the world to take participating in these festival
This article looks at how people with different cultural as well as racial backgrounds can relate to each other with harmony and respect. It explores how these differences can actually enable us to learn more about human relations and makes for interesting conversations and interactio...
~words of philosophers should mean something~Morrison said we trade reality for a role to play~Manson: it used to mean something to be crazy~now everyone is~and Nietzsche: there is always some madness in love~is wisdom worth the price I wonder~
To spend a day at York races is to experience UK horse racing at its finest. Top class races, a beautiful setting and great facilities all just a short walk from the centre of historic York.
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