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I've always admired the outspoken Sharon Osbourne for being gutsy, ballsy and stating 'how it is' within the crazy celebrity culture. However, her latest comments about Justin Bieber acting 'black' have really struck a nerve. This article looks deeper into Mrs Osbourne's comments an...
I just saw the movie 42 and I thought it was even better than The Blind Side, which from me is saying a lot. But it got me thinking about the recent Paula Deen controversy as well, and I thought it best to try to create an article about it.
Have we all noticed that majority of society classifies each individual in over 10 different ways and many of us fall into over 5 different categories? Maybe you haven't noticed. Some of us find it hard to make friends and "fit in." Why do you think that is?
What is your opinion of Affirmative Action and how do you think it could be improved?
An article about stereotypes in jokes, and briefly explores how they can be negative. towards certain groups.
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