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Interracial couples face racism from society. You never know where hateful acts may come from.
Why there is so much turmoil in the US a a rush to get rid of so many monuments.
Racism is a hot topic this year, but what can be done? It begins with one...
A young white male walks into a historically-black church in Charleston, South Carolina, prays for an hour and then opens fire, killing at least 9 people. Is this the plot of a poorly conceived Hollywood movie, or real-life? What it really is, is the story of racism in America that ha...
Criticizing is NOT racism. However in America and around, dissenting opinion has become synonymous with bigotry, racism, and other such stuff
This is an article acknowledging all of the good things that have happened in America, but also pointing out that racism still exists today.
White, black, tan, whatever other the colors. besides a different skin pigmentation no one color is superior to the other—it’s important to have this mindset, and a lot of us actually do.
This is a funny true story. About painting a fat lady's house. It's not a nice name for a title, but you know what she was not a nice lady. Maybe it was her up bringing. Either way it was messed up. So now when I think about it . It's funny.
This is a short poem about the deaths of unarmed teenagers in the USA for the crime of wearing a hoodie.
I just saw the movie 42 and I thought it was even better than The Blind Side, which from me is saying a lot. But it got me thinking about the recent Paula Deen controversy as well, and I thought it best to try to create an article about it.
Have we all noticed that majority of society classifies each individual in over 10 different ways and many of us fall into over 5 different categories? Maybe you haven't noticed. Some of us find it hard to make friends and "fit in." Why do you think that is?
The page will focus on the discussion of racism in US sports' teams names and logos from high schools to the major sports teams in baseball, football and soccer when applicable.
Misperceptions, the opinions of others and propaganda can cause us to miss opportunities that help formulate a more accurate view of life
Dogs, especially dogs like Dobermans, can be very dangerous to strangers. The owners who keep these dogs as pets should exercise enormous caution.
Racism seems to be becoming more prevalent lately. Or perhaps it is just because racists have access to the internet, too. Whatever the reason, it is a very scary thing.
Two separate incidents in Florida and St. Louis seem to indicate that racism is still prevalent in American society. Should the president sound off on racial incidents? Are his comments one sided? What does racism tell a person about himself?
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