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This is about how blacks and whites see each other through different lenses. People of different races do not always see the other in the same way as their own race.
Interracial couples face racism from society. You never know where hateful acts may come from.
Government power is unleashed against protesters on the left and people of color, but those who protest from the right side of the political spectrum are coddled and handled with kid gloves.
There has been much fearmongering and Islamophobic ranting from Republicans and the religious right since the attacks in Paris, which is just what ISIS and other Islamic militants want.
Donald Trump, as well as most of the other Republicans running for the Republican presidential nomination are playing fast and loose with their tongues, and the results of their crazy talk have oftentimes been disastrous.
So much hate and vitriol comes at us from the right side of the political spectrum in response to today's current events. The right offers no solutions, just epithets, conspiracy theories, racism, xenophobia, hatred, insults, and abject fear.
How quickly we forget - America is a nation of immigrants.i
I enter the west wing to keep our breakfast date Mother, Father and I have. But, breakfast isn't ready. Instead, I find Mother standing at the door and Father talking to Harrison outside at Harrison's truck. Mother quickly informs me there's been an accident. I take a look out the ...
All ANC big men loooooooooooove Nelson Mandela and worship him as a god above God, right? Right? Apparently not...
I've never wanted to write much if anything about politics, because politics and religion are the two things that still stand in the way of a happy human race. However, sometimes I couldn't help but write about the corruption of South Africa's current ANC government. It just slips o...
I had so many plans for yesterday, but yesterday I fell asleep and slept for the whole day. But I worried not - there's tomorrow to do it, isn't there? And so tomorrow becomes today, and all my plans are lined up and ready to go. The first thing on the agenda is of course fitne...
Smart kid invents a clock. Brings clock to school. Dumb teacher thinks it's a bomb. Why? Because the kid is a Muslim and what else can it be?
A side long glance at the kind of mentality of oppression that creates Mental Slavery
The dark underbelly of the Republican electorate is fully exposed by its embrace of Donald Trump's hateful politics.
Racism is a hot topic this year, but what can be done? It begins with one...
The Sir George Williams affair was a demonstration turned bad over racism and injustice for Black students at the University.
The base reason why American racism is manifesting in a degree last seen in the post-reconstruction era
South Carolina has institutionalized racism by virtue of the fact that it flies the Confederate flag on its capitol grounds. This is a state whose official embrace of a racist symbol fuels the hatred of whites against blacks with - as we have just witnessed - disastrous results.
A young white male walks into a historically-black church in Charleston, South Carolina, prays for an hour and then opens fire, killing at least 9 people. Is this the plot of a poorly conceived Hollywood movie, or real-life? What it really is, is the story of racism in America that ha...
This article is all about how treating black people due to the common stereotypes isn't a good idea. I actually find it rude for people to judge people just by the color of their skin, and I thought MLK actually cleansed this problem!
I am a Black woman of Caribbean descent. I was born in South London and have lived a large part of my life in London, apart from 6 years in W. Germany. Last year I finally put pen to paper to express my feelings about the racism and prejudice that I have experienced, due to the colour...
I caught a bit of the Fox News Propaganda Network the other day, where a parade of white pundits and one Uncle Tom were castigating blacks for rioting in Baltimore. They were spinning one fiction after another, so the record must be set straight.
The narrative framing the events in Baltimore comes straight from the consciousness of the oppressor. We need to look beyond the false premises of the established order to understand what's really occurring.
The statistics revealing the disparity between how blacks and whites are treated in Baltimore are, to put it mildly, alarming.
There will come a day, perhaps sooner than later, when frustration and desperation in the black community boils over to the point where resistance morphs into revolution.
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