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All ANC big men loooooooooooove Nelson Mandela and worship him as a god above God, right? Right? Apparently not...
I've never wanted to write much if anything about politics, because politics and religion are the two things that still stand in the way of a happy human race. However, sometimes I couldn't help but write about the corruption of South Africa's current ANC government. It just slips o...
When we accept that we should have a choice as far as clothing, home, objects, jobs, and even things are concerned, we give ourselves a choice of races.
Ty Cobb, one of the greatest baseball players of all time was also the meanest man to ever lace up a pair of spikes.
Many white people in America are completely unaware of white privilege. In fact many, incredibly in my opinion, think that African Americans enjoy "entitlements" that whites don't have.
As an African American woman in my 60's I have struggled with racism and bigotry my entire life. The struggle has changed but it continues.
I just saw the movie 42 and I thought it was even better than The Blind Side, which from me is saying a lot. But it got me thinking about the recent Paula Deen controversy as well, and I thought it best to try to create an article about it.
Have we all noticed that majority of society classifies each individual in over 10 different ways and many of us fall into over 5 different categories? Maybe you haven't noticed. Some of us find it hard to make friends and "fit in." Why do you think that is?
The page will focus on the discussion of racism in US sports' teams names and logos from high schools to the major sports teams in baseball, football and soccer when applicable.
This poem describes the attitude of a country leader who is very jealous of the leader of another country.
Commentary of the Trayvon Martin case and the racial divide that is now gripping our nation.
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