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Cell phones transmit and receive radio waves that are electromagnetic radiations. These radiations are non-ionizing and are not harmful but constant exposure to these emissions can cause irreversible damage.
New research shows that breast cancer is actually 10 different kinds of cancer. This new information will make diagnosis and treatment better in the long run.
Dying from the drinking water... Since the beginning of time, man has died from his drinking water. Either it was filled with parasites or bacteria, or even unknown earthly chemicals.... But I digress: Will I die?
Pollution of the environment is a common everyday occurence. We don't care though because we don't die from it immediately. But mining activities of all sorts are creating pollution that are entering our bodies and wreaking havoc. We still don't care though because we have medical ...
Serendipity is a wonderful word which means coming to the forefront by chance.
Some women who are diagnosed with cancer may not have it. Get the reason why here?
Review of ingredients of colloidal formula Anti Oxidant(AD Medicine, LLC) and when and how to use it.
Earth's atmosphere and all forces , protective shields, magnetic field, perfect tilt and spin are specially design to sustain life.
On December 31, 2013, there were two separate underground nuclear explosions at the crippled Fukushima power plant. Strange we have heard nothing about it in the media.
Many are asking if cellular phones really help us in our daily life and make our life easier and more comfortable. Based from my studies, I have found that cellular phone does not make our life easier but rather it makes us feel stressed.
In America, the accepted methods of treating Cancer are far more likely to kill you than cure you.
When I was diagnosed with colon cancer in early July, the medical establishment immediately pulled out all the stops to plug me into their system, and I had to say "Not so fast."
My grandchildren are wearing pink some of these days this month. Most of the school students in the US wear pink. Awareness of breast cancer is active in the country. in spite of this the number of breast cancer patients is increasing in the country.
The SAR is short for Specific Absorption Rate that is a measure of the amount of radio frequency (RF) energy absorbed by the body when using the handset. All cell phones release RF energy and the SAR differs by handset model.
U. S. provided maps showing radiation levels around the Fukishima nuclear power plant were hidden from the public by the Japanese government.
Is the FDA protecting us from "bad" medicine or protecting Big Pharma's interests and mega-profits? This question has become of vital importance to the author for the optimal treatment of her leukemia.
The news out of Japan is not good, to say the least. Radiation is at record levels.
Taking care that children do not spend the time watching television and playing computer games all day long
"God's healing through the power of the human spirit". This knowledge is revealed to me through the pages of "Wikinut". I need not rush to find all the answers, with faith and trust, and support of friends, I believe I will find peace and acceptance.
Prostate cancer treatment gives an overview of the different treatment options that are available for men who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Our planets magnetic field are very much useful for some living organisms. Fishes, Sea turtles, migrating Birds and others use these magnetic fields for their navigation purposes
Human operators can exactly sees what the robots sees as they have screen videos worn as goggles. The robots hands are also connected in the sensor within the data gloves worn by the human operators.
Have you ever watched a science fiction movie and said “yeah, right!”? Of course you did. Science fiction movies, trying to please the audience, got so many things wrong. Fantasy has no limits; logic does.
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