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First noticed in the 1930s, just after the murder of William McClain, the mysterious blue-white light, sometimes appears with an orange tone with a distinct border and it is known to move slowly through the nearby trees that run along the railroad tracks. The light appears to float an...
Pittsburgh has more than its share of haunted bridges possibly due to their deep history that dates them back to the 1880's, and many of them have had tragic events bestowed upon their steely transverse platform. Bridges are unquestionably one of the most captivating structures found ...
The Spirits of Inventor George Westinghouse and His Dedicated Workers Live On inside the castle, entertaining and enchanting visitors with residual hauntings.
Chiloquin is home to the Train Mountain Miniature Railroad. Chiloquin is a city that is located in the state of Oregon in the county of Klamath. Many people come to this city for vacation or just to visit.
Mitcham railway station opened in 1882 and closed a few days ago. Now, she is just a memory as the destruction is complete and her former grounds are leveled. This is a follow-up article to "The Last Train From Mitcham" by Porle Joen published on January 3, 2014.
Mitcham Station, Vic, Australia, is not just getting a face lift, it is getting a full body reconstruction.
Isle of Wight is an island of tourist attractions where you can spend a holiday with your family. It is worth visiting including the old Steam Railway at Havenstreet.
There used to a single-lane road beside my home. It was a peaceful road, just right for morning and evening walks. In course of time, the road has undergone a drastic change in nature and appearance. It is now a devouring road.
The Maeklong business is passed through a railway track near Bangkok, the shoppers give way to move the train by removing their items and tents while the train is passing through the track after words they once again arranging tents and trays
Tips to Get a Rail Ticket for Peak Seasons. Here some useful tips are shared for getting reservation in peak season.
A short poem, and true story about a horse called Lena.
About the magnificent Indian Railway. Discover this transportation the keeps India on move day and night three sixty five days a year.
My walk along a disused railway line which makes good walking away from the hussle and bussle.
To many of us the steam train is a living, breathing thing.
He has been at the Railway Station for over 18 hours. The Station Master inquires what is he up to.
.....said the lady on the train sitting near me. Here I try to repair my bumbling response and maybe, that lady will stumble across this article.
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