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We have just returned from a holiday in the Lake District. Read on to find out what we thought of it.
Formula One racing for 2017 looks set to be very exciting this year with Mercedes and Ferrari very equal on pace. Australia was won by Vettel, could Lewis Hamilton get his revenge in China? Read on to find out more.
When rain falls, the most appropriate thing to do is sipping a cup of hot tea. In addition to jasmine tea, there are several variants of tea that is not less delicious and beneficial to the health of the right enjoyed by the rain.
Most people don't like getting caught in the rain, but as a young boy I used to love it. Things are different when it's raining and people do strange things. So this prose is a snapshot of a boy watching people and things when it's raining.
After taking his sixth pole position of 2016 on Saturday, could Lewis Hamilton convert it to a win in front of his home crowd?
Desalination is a process of removing salt and mineral from water so it can be used by humans.
After a bad start to the year because of car reliability problems, could Lewis Hamilton finally take his first win of the season? Read on to find out more.
Poetry fragments of thoughts, ideas, and observations. A look into internal versus external worlds.
My heart is heavy with sadness but it will continue to beat
After winning the Russian Grand Prix two weeks ago, Lewis Hamilton only needed two points more than his team mate Rosberg, or nine more than Vettel to clinch his 3rd world championship, with 3 races of the season still to go. Read on to find out more.
A little poem about this little gift from the nature; so blue and so clear!
Water, water, everywhere, but nobody feels like drinking it. Except a few thirsty animals. But I digress. Yep, sometimes nature decides that it wants to take a good long shower and bath. Is it to clean itself? Or is it just a random thing that just happens?
Molly, Milly and the team are dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Dad's worried that someone may be trapped in the underground garage. They've decided to report that someone had entered the building before the storm. Robert's been picked to make the anonymous call. It's raining...
Those times when our thoughts are so overflowing that we have to strain to focus in on the words, and the moments between when we feel uninspired, drained, searching for the spark of genius beneath our doubts. When we need to quench the dry spell, and then something wonderful emerges...
Ever had one of those moments when you couldn't get song lyrics out of your head
Molly woke up in the middle of the afternoon. The whole gang had a hard night. Milly was a mess and would be sidelined for a few days. Her allergies were out of control. Mom gave her allergy medicine and it appeared to be helping, but her one eye would barely open. She said she f...
The gang left the abandoned building and walked home in the rain. Robert was thankful everyone was safe but Molly wished they'd went into the garage. Milly's allergies were acting up and Sally smelled like the dumpster.
Dad arrived home to find Molly missing and Milly afraid to say where she went. Milly finally spills the beans and tells Dad she's at the beach house. A storm is brewing and Molly's being held against her will.
Today is a new day. It's raining and the sky is dark. Milly and Dad are asleep upstairs. Yesterday Dad got a phone call and Milly didn't listen because Dad had the back room locked. That just happens to be where Molly listened in on all Dad's calls. She's now searching for clues in ...
Dad, Molly and Milly are on their way home from downtown. Dad interviewed the first neighbor of the murder victim but nothing much came from that interview. Dad did get a parking ticket though and he was not happy about that. Milly was happy they were going home. That was where sh...
It was a free life as a kid. No worries, not threatened by almost anything. We just had a programmed mindset of invincibility. We don't think about it but somehow we just know we are protected.
With long summer months ahead and no rain here in California the fields and slowly going brown.
In 2007, Richard Hammond left his Porsche on traffic and ran all the way to his home for 16 miles to make it for his daughter birthday
Danielle is sick with worry. Max has been missing for two day. The newscasters are referring to the flood as the hundred year flood. Danielle's grandfather used to speak of a flood like this when he was a little boy.
It's planting season on the farm and everyone is busy preparing the fields. Max has been fixing the farm equipment during the day and spending as much time as possible with Danielle. His devotion to Danielle shows in everything he does.
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