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Rainbow at twilight possibly...A lovers desire to merge with ones lover as the twilight at sun set emerge
all ends sooner or later...but what goes on in between is what matters..a half empty or half full glass always a choice of attitude...some keep on drinking till the glass is empty...more fool they...
The feeling inside now is so hard to describe Thinking only of catching those beautiful colors; already filled with pride I will catch my rainbow, even if I wonder for years For if not, the world would not be enough to hold all my tears
In the midst of all the fun Rainbow Ice comes to refreshing atmosphere. You can create your own to enliven the atmosphere in your family, it can also be used as a trading business.
Life may not always present you with a smooth path. Even in times of worry and change you can still find some comfort. Beyond fear there is peace of mind, that will set you free.
Life sometimes is like a rainbow. But from outside it's colorless. Longing to exhibit the colors kept in my heart and to discover others I started poetry since my school days and actually now I’m addicted to it. However I'm not a poet as such, but an outsider good for nothing, but ...
In all our lives there are good times and difficult times ...but God promises to be with us whatever the time ....
Some thoughts and information regarding the upcoming International Rainbow Gathering being held somewhere in the State of Montana from July 1-7, 2013.
The musings of a toddler mom while trying to soothe her fussy toddler and how the color of a truck leads to rainbow hugs...
Enchanting little fairies, playing with moonbeams and pixie gold
About a man who is well traveled to all four corners of the earth. He thinks of returning home but it has been so long and he is so far away he decides not to go. This is what he is thinking of during a huge storm.
Viewed from a child's experience of going fishing with her father at the lake, she saw the colours inside a nicely bent tube from afar. That was her first experience with the phenomenon of the rainbow. In later life, she recalls the experience and gave it another meaning.
Another in my "Fluffys series this is the third story of the little men that live in the Clouds.
This song was written because of a beautiful little girl of 5 years who has the ability to light up your heart with her smile, and you just breathe in the rainbow! I am always looking for someone to put it to music, if you are interested please let me know. Thanks for reading, hope yo...
When love is right we can experience plenty of joy.
God put a rainbow in the sky to remind us that he will never flood the earth again. It’s a token of remembrance. So every time it rains there is a rainbow somewhere reminding all mankind that God has made a promise to us?
Where are all the rainbows when you want to photograph one? Rainbows have the power to stop you dead in your tracks but they are as elusive as the mythical pot of gold at their end. Have you ever tried to photograph a rainbow?
We were having a worship service at my church one Wednesday and it was storming outside. What was interesting is that we were watching a video titled "Rain" and it was about God's faithfulness through troubles and "storms" of our lives. After the video finished the storm was nearly o...
Rainbow reminds us of school when the class teacher explained what rainbow is.
Winter days and rainny days are very nice days for indoor activities. When you cannot go out, why do not you taste your life inside your house. There are so many activities that you can do in those days, but cooking seems the best one.
Rain is so much more than mere drops of water falling from the sky, more than precipitation. In some places, it is a curse causing flooding and financial expense even death.
I think this speaks to a lot of people who feel empty at some point and have that lump in your throat. But with a sigh, it doesn't go away.
This is a poem about a special memoriy that happed one memorial day. Two rainbows instead of one was a gift to behold from God.
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