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What's Petrichor..This is a new word implying the fragrance of rain as it falls on fresh earth...So does smell life
I had a love once, he said the most beautiful idea he had ever heard was to name the smell right before it rains. He said it is his favorite sensory experience beyond tasting my skin....
Looking at the positive side from all the negativities
What You Can Do During Rainy Days? Sometimes rain can disrupt or halt our activities especially when the rain occurred in daylight where we usually have so many activities to do. Find out things you can do during rainy days.
After what seemed a very long winter, and no spring, our summer has arrived. But are we Brits ever truly satisfied. ? Read on to find out why
I woke up to the sound of the rain pounding gently on my roof. There was no thunder or lightening only the peaceful sound of the rain to make me relaxed enough to work. The rain was heavy but since I had no where to go there was no frustration at it.
Inspired by the Write/Market/Design and dedicated to my hubby Troy
A feeling in the form of poetry about rain, representing world's boundaries for a Heart.
Ways to avoid and treat the common flu virus and keep from spreading to others.
Background Charlie McRoy has traveled a long way to end up on the back of an alligator, whose name is Norville Trueblood.What a strange way to learn,” You can have anything you want when you no longer want it."
This poem is based off of a foggy day in the community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The poem has significant imagery and a type of gentle feel to it that gives this poem a type of pulse. It seems that even in the most silent of things, significant life can be found, if one was to look c...
Rain is a relief reunion of earth and land, refreshing shower in the morning and at noon becomes a reservoir of paradise to farmers.
Tropical cyclones, snow storms, and heavy rains are frequent due to global warming. As a result, lives are lost, homes ravaged, and properties damaged. Hence, it is very important to be well prepared when calamities occur.
Here is poem about rain.I love getting wet in the rain. Even My Cutie Pie loves to get wet.
Looking at a fire tree outside my window on a rainy friday the 13th.
Rainbow reminds us of school when the class teacher explained what rainbow is.
Winter days and rainny days are very nice days for indoor activities. When you cannot go out, why do not you taste your life inside your house. There are so many activities that you can do in those days, but cooking seems the best one.
This article looks at rainfall erosion at Roman in Lesotho, a country in south west Africa.
These are haikus about rain or rainy season which explore its effect on the individual or society itself.
Yes, what DO I do on a rainy Sunday in a lonely valley in the Spanish mountains, it's cold, only 6 degrees Celsius.
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