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This Poetry is devoted to Lord Rama. I hope You enjoy. Be careless, when you are on the feet of Lord Rama.
Faith attracts the grace of God and grace makes a mute eloquent and a lame one scale the very mountains.
This Wiki Nut is metaphysical in nature and embraces Philosophy of Hinduism, and thus Indian Religions and Faiths. It is based on a real discussion at the Facebook that I had with person from the west about eastern philosophy of religion. Giving more than 50 points about the topic. Th...
"If truth is what works, as Pierce and the pragmatists insist, there must be a kind of truth in the "Bhagavad-Gita As It Is", since those who follow its teachings display a joyous serenity usually missing in the bleak and strident lives of contemporary people." Dr. Elwin H. Powell, Pr...
Its not only belief but one can experience that fears and troubles are cleared after reading Ramayana.
The profils and evil deeds of Ravana in the Ramayana of Hindi epics.
Ramayana is an Indian epic or mythological case study of the Hindus.Its a RELIGIOUS WORK of the great sage and poet ,Valmiki.
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