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in this article i gve you the reason for naming a turkey ,turkey n addition to some bonus facts
Random third All may not work for all Select just don't copy The words must apply to your subject in hand Take care copiers
Random Share This is part two of words the Internet attracts like bees to honey But don't depend on all,some or any
Random Share And catch words Suddenly my daily average reading shot up to 1565 I wondered how this miracle Had God started reading me too..Just imagine
Just me sharing my Poetry, Random Thoughts, and Edwardisms
Sometimes, important questions can be expressed with few words. Likewise, worthwhile thoughts need not use volumes to explain themselves. Here are some personal examples of each.
Its late and despite my best efforts, I am unable to sleep. So here I am writing some stuff just to kill some time and so that I can fall asleep.
These are just some poems I'VE have written through life experiances
The daily random stuff that happens to me seems to happen on purpose. How else could I have such random stuff happen to me?
A random column with lines that comes from an unrestricted psychedelic state of mind.
Honestly, I don’t have anything to write today. My brain is clean dry, empty. So I’ll list some things that I hate but at the same time glad that am a part of that.
Just some Random thoughts that i penned down and made into some kind of a poetic creation.
This is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago. Read it, let me hear your thoughts
This page is about Random search, we will get a lot of results even for our unusual search with online search engines
these poems will all be written by me during my classes....I am mostly a back-bencher and theory classes can make me sleepy or bring out the best poet in me :)
This is about the screams that echo inside most of our heads.... they need to get out of there so that we can be free.....
A quick useful thought.... are you living your life good enough?
Random thoughts that occurred... during a shoe bite.... How the same happens to us during emotional bites too....
This is an article describing how difficult such an activity is. Life is so varied it is hard to concentrate on one aspect of it. Other thoughts keep intruding.
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