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Yes, It was a day filled with the purest form of confusion
We ought to be thankful that God Our Creator has provided for us everything that we need to let the past go and move on. Just about everybody probably has a desire to let go of past hurts but may not be willing to forgive.
As someone who spends a lot of time alone, I tend to think and observe. This page sums up all of those thoughts and observations that somehow show you a part of my life :)
It was a small thing, but it managed to change the hearts of every single person… What a wonderful thing to feel!
The writer recently had an experience in which a series of events unfolded for him right before his eyes. He was just an observer here, but he gained some vital learnings and insights from what would perhaps otherwise have been just a largely wasted morning, sitting idly by doing no...
For a moment, the city was filled with a beautiful blue tone, and everything seemed a little bit better
Random third All may not work for all Select just don't copy The words must apply to your subject in hand Take care copiers
Random Share This is part two of words the Internet attracts like bees to honey But don't depend on all,some or any
Random Share And catch words Suddenly my daily average reading shot up to 1565 I wondered how this miracle Had God started reading me too..Just imagine
On of those mornings, Erika found herself on a different place, and yet, she managed to found the peace her heart was yearning for
This is a short story about a young man who only wanted to get a little bit of freedom for himself.
All the answers here can not be accounted academically . But I expect you to be inspired or feedback , then act on it.
Here I have shared few random jokes which I like very much
We have so many wonderful caring light writers here on this blessed site who set marvellous examples to others. We also have those who preach bigotry and darkness and this is all about them. A far departure from my usual pages but sometimes we just have to say it as it is.....
What kind of experience does this paint for you? What landscapes, or mindscapes, form in your head upon immersing imagination in these words?
Its late and despite my best efforts, I am unable to sleep. So here I am writing some stuff just to kill some time and so that I can fall asleep.
These are just some poems I'VE have written through life experiances
The daily random stuff that happens to me seems to happen on purpose. How else could I have such random stuff happen to me?
Just a random post from my blog. A follower asked me these questions and I obliged to answer.
Love is an unrealizable promise. We all have been promised our soul mates. But can we find them in this crowd of 6 billion people. Another set of Random Rantings
Honestly, I don’t have anything to write today. My brain is clean dry, empty. So I’ll list some things that I hate but at the same time glad that am a part of that.
If I draw random lines Those become your facade If I think about your love
Just some Random thoughts that i penned down and made into some kind of a poetic creation.
The title says it all! If you've entered this page looking to have a nice and quiet read, GET OUT! And that's putting it as politely as possible! My purpose of opening this page would be defeated if you read through this page unscathed, without any guffaws. I've tried to make it as di...
A poem that's as the title cleverly suggests as (random). Depending on how much this is enjoyed, I'll post another or possibly more. Who knows for now, Wikinut.
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