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Of late the Indian Media has been reporting cases of rape frequently. Starved of news and software to sustain them, these 24x7 channels have been giving unnecessary hype to these cases.
A Poem Dedicated to a crystal flower opened to soon, to a woman who has felt how hard the bee can sting the bird. And any of Gods gems who can relate
It's a poem about all those innocent girls, women who got raped.
The rape cases have ever been on the increase. This piece deals with a girl abducted, who manages to escape the tormentors!
After the article I posted yesterday about modesty training and slut shaming, I was involved in many conversations about the topic. For the most part, I knew to what choir I was preaching – in addition to putting the article on my wall, as I normally do, I went a step further and sh...
I can't believe this is happening in my home state. And at the same time, I am not in the least surprised. While I think it is appropriate to teach modesty, I believe a line is crossed when one gender must work harder to be modest than the other.
Sexual Violence leaves in its wake self - destructive effects that can linger and haunt victims for a lifetime. Unless therapeutic intervention is initiated and engaged victim may continuously relive events,
These just some thought on the Delhi Rape Victim case. Just my opinions and thoughts. Not blaming anyone. Just have a read. =)
some guys love the escapades which are challengable but then they shirk
A young gal runs early in the morning ere the sunrise.. A warning for all such silly ones..
Its the same story round the world corruption rape sex road rage Are we not inhabitants of the same Earth?
All disasters do happen alike in all places of the world Rapists and sadists murderers and corruptionists co exist....
This Poem was written to one of my rapist although he will likely never see it.. I began writing about my ordeal early in 2010 after forty years of silence. The flashbacks had re-emerged after so many years and i thought it was time I dealt with them. Thank you for reading. sR
The most shocking are some cases recently in the news here, in Kerala. Incest by fathers is something that kills the light of a girl's mind. And it's even more unbearable to hear that the two ongoing cases are teenage girls betrayed by their fathers, who sold them to several men over ...
Rape is the major abuse girls suffer these days. The fear and shame of being scorned by their peers forces the victims to keep to themselves. I did some research and observations and came up with the most effective Tips to avoid Rape! Believe me, it worked for me!
For all those young teens who have been to a dark place and need help getting back.
A common African myth holds that sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure a man of HIV or AIDS. Child abusers are often relatives of their victims - even their fathers and providers...
A victimless crime, according to the legal dictionary, is a crime where there are no apparent victims and no apparent pain or injury inflicted upon anyone. Victimless crimes are a class of crimes that involve consenting adults involved in acts like prostitution and gaming. The questio...
On July 29, 1994, a little 7- year old girl by the name of Megan Kanka was brutally raped and murdered by Jesse Timmendequas. It happened in the Hamilton Township of Mercer County, New Jersey. Her rape and brutal murder led to the creation of the Megan's Law and the Megan Nicole Kanka...
Many of sex offenders are known to the victim. they work, live or walk with them. Others of course are strangers
The abuse I lived with as a child and my rape had not taken me out, why should this?
You would think that life was going to deal me a better hand. Sadly, no it didn't. Tough times were still impacting my life.
Twenty-five percent of all women in the United States will be a victim of domestic violence during her lifetime.
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