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Of late the Indian Media has been reporting cases of rape frequently. Starved of news and software to sustain them, these 24x7 channels have been giving unnecessary hype to these cases.
This page is about the crime which has now become so popular more than any tv show i.e. a rape .Through this page, I want to aware people people and make them realise how this disgusting crime has got a major space in newspapers and news headlines. Please read it and please help makin...
I can't believe this is happening in my home state. And at the same time, I am not in the least surprised. While I think it is appropriate to teach modesty, I believe a line is crossed when one gender must work harder to be modest than the other.
In the month of December, a lady was gangraped by men in moving bus. Protests and Bundh also performed all over India against the gangrape
The North East of Sri Lanka is home to a strange phenomena, where men covered with grease have attacked Tamil women and girls.
When younger I thought I knew that Liberals, knew some things, I was wrong, as many of us are when we are young, the smoke screens and halfhearted lies of Satan are at work within this group of the politically misguided and have been for so long now. At first Glance it seems to be al...
With little or no consideration and feelings for our fellow human beings, we can only ask ourselves this question, When will it all end and is any of this really worth it?
A Vietnamese 'virginity test' has recently helped free three in a Vietnam rape case.
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