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Music... is there anything music can't do? Yes. But now let's get on to my encounter with Snoop Dogg.
Every rap addict has a list of top 5 rappers in his/her head, if you don't, well you are just not the addact you thought you were. Here's mine, don't be pissed, it's just an opinion.
Rarely the occasion is given to sense an opera flavour instilled into a rap song. But when it is, the result feels like glimpses of gold beaming through the ears. In the classic model, the opera tone gives a halo of grandeur to the whole piece. Some producers have taken it to anothe...
Now this is just my opinion, I know most people have strong opinions, or maybe you are a fan of someone else.
Surprise artist surpasses Michael Jackson on the Hot 100 hits list
This is my tribute to the late great rapper Big L.
Ho!, wait, stop, hold on. I have a story for you to withdrawn. Hey! wait, don't leave, come on. I won't bite, its alright.
Rick Ross has music fans heated all over the face of North America, and its all because of one simple line in the lyrics of his song 'Black and White'.
The news story justifying the recent rumors about Lil Wayne's death.
A review of the Tinie Tempah sell out show at the O2 London. Told from the perspective of a non fan, ignorant of every track performed.
A poem written in 2 parts. That of the wasted life of the victim and then the wasted life of the assailant. Dedicated to 2pac an amazingly talented rapstar who died at the young age of just 25 by gunshot.
DWAYNE MiCHEAL CARTER JR. formally known as lil wayne faces 1 year in jail do to position of a unregistered gun, but first Dental delay and then even more absurd fire in the basement of the court house!!!
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