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I dare say most Christians and churches are oblivious to a grave warning which was first spoken by Jesus. It also is repeated many times in the N.T. but sadly goes unheard and unheeded. This article reveals that warning.
Since our study of the "rapture of the ready" begins in Matthew Chapter 24 we must first settle the matter concerning to whom did Jesus direct His prophetic sermon. Was it to Israel of the church. This article answers that query.
There are many beliefs concerning the rapture. There is one particular belief that is very dangerous. This article focuses on that one.
This is a Preface to a series of articles I'll present on the rapture of the church. In it I expose the loneliness of those who try to tell the truth in a deceived world.
Paradise is a "normal" world. It is the cultivation of the species which regulates and proves whether or not it exists as a world of paradise. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Cortez
The poor saints of the Revelation get ostracized by the pre-tribulationists. Are they right in doing so? This article discusses the issue.
It is a common belief among Christians that the church will be absent during the Revelation tribulation. Is that true? This article discusses that matter.
There are two spurious prophetic terms that are misleading Christianity. This article reveals those terms and explains the correct term.
Christendom has been captured by the pre-tribulation rapture belief for many years. Is a pre-tribulaltion rapture reasonable or unreasonable? This article tackles that question.
Many Christians are confused on the events of Christ's second coming or they just don't understand it. This article explains the two parts of Christ's second coming.
There is much discussion about the time of the rapture. This article places the rapture in its proper place on the calendar of eschatological events.
That marvelous, miraculous soon coming event known as the rapture is fiction to some while fact to others. Is the rapture fiction or fact? This article answers that vital question.
We all sometimes get tired of hearing a certain thing over and over. In this article I vent my frustration over the incessant noise of a false rapture.
Many believe in the once-saved-always-saved misconception, but there is more to it.
Is faith eternal or does it have an end? This article reports the Biblical truth about faith whether it has an end or is forever.
Seems as if a new crisis enters our world every day. Is there any hope of this trend changing? This article discusses that issue.
A day is coming that will change the world. People all over the globe will disappear, and a tribulation like no other will ensue. If you find yourself left behind in this situation, please read!
You may never have been adopted but you will need to be adopted before you can to to heaven.
There are many false beliefs circulating in Christendom today. This article exposes one BIG LIE that is deceiving many Christians.
This really did happen to me this morning and the interesting thing is that being out of my body my mind no longer controlled my body so it just relaxed and my bodyworker had no difficulty stretching me. The rest of this piece is not for prudes.....
So many Christians believe the Rapture is pictured in Revelation 4:1-2. This article gives proof that that is no rapture.
Christians are divided as to when the rapture will occur in relation to Revelation tribulation. Some believe BEFORE, some believe DURING and others believe AFTER the tribulation. This article points us to the truth.
Is the return of Jesus described in Matthew 24:30-31 His return to gather Israel for the M.K. or is it His return for the rapture of the church? This article clarifies that question.
Many Christians believe the saints in the Revelation are not of the church. Is that true? This article attacks that question.
The "tribulation Period" is a very popular term pertaining to the time of the Revelation but is it a Biblical term? This article discusses the "tribulation period."
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