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This is a group of poems that I wrote please enjoy them.
A bit of history and the nature of the 'Beach Boy' Industry in Jamaica
The Second part of the series on RastafarI focusing on the period 1960 - 1980
A three part series on Rastafari; touching on historical and social issues
The final in a series about RastafarI dealing with the present period
Angelo notices a beautiful woman in the hut and is captivated by her shape and beauty.
Angelo is an English man who is on a Caribbean island on business. One day as he and his guide await a taxi a conversation is alighted between himself and a Rastafarian man.
While many states across the U.S. debate the legalization of marijuana, there is a long-standing relationship between marijuana, religion, and medicine of which many are unaware. This article explores that long and enduring history.
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