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This is a short story about friendship and how Ratty the rat shares his birthday!
We all have our animal story and this is no different. But what about a dog and cat that are pals? A dog that will come to the aid of its friend. Even to fight to the bidder end for that friend. That doesn't happen every day. An animal that turns out to be a hero.
The Crusaders, facing the realities of Golanthia, are to find that some things are best left unknown!
Success is the locus of the derivative of change that we…hold on a second, I don’t want to break out my tone… mono tone… that thing at the end, so much! Just maybe a slight skip in the step, a slight smile at the cat…wait a minute! Ah, alright let us get on. It is getting mo...
There are things that need be done privately thus we have the bedrooms and toilets, but people must be warned that these places are no longer safe and respected. Using modern technology, unauthorized individuals may invade your privacy at your most unguarded moments. Take precaution.
My favourite pet at home my lovely cat. It is my dearest friend. That cannot leave me, following me always in the house.
Rats are pretty much everywhere, but thanks to the hard work of Alberta's Rat Patrol, you will not find a rat in this Canadian province. Learn more about how Alberta managed to stay Rat Free.
This is a story-poem for small children, 4-8. It may help to remember things in sequence. This is the translation of folklore in Kerala.
James Herbert, OBE, has over 39 years experience in the writing world. If you asked me what books he had written the first to come to mind would be "The Rats, Liar & Domain". He has ruled the British Horror genre from day one of his career and is still a number one best seller acros...
Fat of a young man who desired to give up mundane.
Parents and children can be different but non as different as this.
Rats in India are healthier than the Indian people. They destroy food products and eat the food grains stored in warehouses. The food products spoiled like this is enormous.
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