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This is a collaborative poem that has emerged from the ideas of eleven Wikinut poets.
Here is an experiment for all the Wikinut poets and poetry lovers and poetry-haters as well to participate. It doesn't matter whether you take it in lighter vein or (s)ink in with heavy heart.
Some queer thoughts about death and dying! Oh! No, no... it's about living, if you can see what I mean!
Once my mother rebuked and caned me for my childhood pranks, but it became a memorable experience to me and I cannot forget it. I described that unforgettable beautiful event in this poem.
Blooming of flowers is poetry in e'motion'! The colours of the flowers make me dumb. and their fragrance in the air make numb! Please be patient, watch and enjoy the wonderful videos, even if you don't read my poem! ~Rathna
Mark Gordon Brown, the beloved Wikinut moderator always encourages the many poets of the Wikinut community by reading their poetry and posting inspiring comments. This free verse poem is a humble submission to [link=
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