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How many times in life have you wanted a winner without the work and not gotten one? Well, that is the big punch line to the joke of life. We all have to understand the pitfalls and how not to lose (which means sometimes or mostly actually losing temporarily, then making a comeback pe...
The two Giant Baby milk producers in UK, restricted only two tins of baby milk powder to customer. This is due to stop unofficial export of baby powder to China, because China mothers are depending western baby milk powder.
In February 1943 the US War Department sent a letter to all American troops that were to be stationed in Britain. It was to tell them that the British culture was very different to that of America.
While going through an old wooden box of my Fathers I was amazed to find an old wartime food ration book and various government correspondence, these were issued to all households in England, during World War II. I had never seen these before but they caught my attention and left me a...
How is it that a certain tune can instantly take you back, to a certain time and a certain place?...Perhaps a time to reminisce....and feel the beat of that Big Band Swing.....
Rationing is an unpopular way of controlling wastage, but it can still reduce environmnetal damage and need to be considered as a possible policy measure when greater crisis looms large on the horizon.
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