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Cocks or rats what's your preference.DNA speaks as often hope they all know by now.
This morning I come into Lordly House. Ah, such a lovely place this is... beautiful calming furniture, atmosphere of royalty, piano playing by itself... PIANO PLAYING BY ITSELF??? WHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Demon creatures are just waiting to cause you damage... and yes, by that I mean your posessions AND you personally!!! If you don't resist, they'll eat you too.
Lassa fever disease occurs more often in the dry season, rather than in the rainy season. There have been reports of over 40 deaths in 12 states of Nigeria within the last one year alone.
The article speaks about amazement relating to Karni Mata temple in Deshnok in Rajasthan. It is around 35 kilometers away from Bikaner is famous for rats residing there.
A cat is different from other pets and adored by most in the family. over a period of time they became part of the family, though their offspring would have arrived.
Insects and rodents are pests we can do without, but let us take a humorous look into their lives and see how they feel about humans too.
Captain Sampson Griffith's use of language in this writ alternates between the literal and the metaphorical but nonetheless the message cannot hide the fact that he speaks of a new and more lethal nuclear weapon ever developed. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
She starts realizing things starting to happen, but will not tell anyone. She thinks she might be in danger herself.
All my life I have been terrified of rats and mice, I don't really know why. it's a phobia, but some people manage to beat their phobias. Read on to find out more
Two men shared the trenches in the great war. They became good friends and looked out for each other. One of them died on a cold winter day. His friend asks him what it's like in heaven
Rats are pretty much everywhere, but thanks to the hard work of Alberta's Rat Patrol, you will not find a rat in this Canadian province. Learn more about how Alberta managed to stay Rat Free.
James Herbert, OBE, has over 39 years experience in the writing world. If you asked me what books he had written the first to come to mind would be "The Rats, Liar & Domain". He has ruled the British Horror genre from day one of his career and is still a number one best seller acros...
The Rat In Grandpas Stable is a story about how Grandpa fooled a rat and tricked him to committing suicide
How well would you rate yourself, when it comes to faith? Many people claim to have faith, and even those who do not, still have an incredible faith that life has randomly brought itself to this point. Take the faith test and find out how well you rate.
The importance human garbage has played in history
A short series on the 'Black Death' and its historical significance
Plague of the Dark Ages is one of the subjects that have held some fascination for me, partially because it had such a devastating effect on the world at that time. At least 25 million people or one third of the population of Europe were killed during five years time
The Black Death or the Bubonic plague, it had many names but in its wake it very nearly wiped out Europe.
We all know the benefits of Garlic and how good it is for your heart but many don’t like the smell, however did you know that the humble Onion has the same benefits? Read on to find out more of this vegetable.
New zone brings about changes that one must either adapts to or deteriorate. You will read about dramatic situations that's capable of driving a person to total insanity.
THE PIED PIPER OF WHAT! HAMMELIN? Rats And Winter! These two poems are simply to fill up time and space in the winters rat race.
Ficticious story about the rats that want to take over from the human race and why we should be more dilligent.
Many animals are beneficial to people. However, there are also harmful animals.
After three weeks of enduring bugs, rats, and all manner of nasties, Stacy is the new Queen of the Jungle.
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