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Dust Bowl is the first story about a biker who comes back from the dead for his chance at revenge and to get his love back.
As for the name, 'Chichevache' I'm just as ignorant about that as you are. I do know that it derives from France," He quipped. "Any more questions, Mrs Stone?"
New to this website just wanted to share all the funny things in my life my daily routine and other activities that i go through its always fun to write
Sometimes it is not so easy to stay centered and loving when there are so many not nice people doing very not nice things. But that is another lesson to be learned in this classroom of much to see, hear and do.
Large ravens inhabit the ground of the Tower of London. Discover the history behind why these large birds live in the Tower.
~singing in the loft~balcony~feathers dripping dew~& doo on you~wings fluttering~talons grasping~a circling retreat~dive of vengeance~masters of survival~reptilian spore~lizard wings wizard~tongue in beak cawing~dripping aeon~a limbing gasp~egg fertilization~
The Gypsy Girl - a poem this was inspired when I was at a beach one day thinking what events may have been there in times gone by
Thermo Reflective window are change the room temperature according to the climatic conditions
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