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There are some things in life worth letting go of, and fear and negative attachment are both of them. Courage to let go and be totally positive about yourself may seem a little scary at times, but it is the best thing to do as we shall see in this series of musings from me:
What I did today. I visited the historical society in my town/city.
This is basically me telling you why I write. What I am currently writing about.
I tell you,nothing inspires hopelessness than watching a monster move out of its lane,sideways towards your jalopy.You hoot,slam on the breaks,bite the lower lip,pray,curse but to no avail as the shattering glass confirms your worst fears.
This is a story based upon true events, about a street kid who found a talent. I will leave it up to the reader to decide the moral of the story, if there even is one.
A true story of a traumatised man who murders his children.
We're the kings of our castle! We're property tycoons! We're homely people.
The boys are now busy playing and are engrossed in their own world. The conversation goes on among them and they are visibly enjoying themselves.
A Story of Revenge and hatred. written in a Poetic manner.
The boys have gone to play and in their own elements. They care the least for anyone and have decided to enjoy their time to the fullest.
Here's a little bit of introduction of the village where the story is set as well as the characters in the story.
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