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We all love to succeed, but who loves to go through the "stuff" associated with genuine from the ground success? We all love to "Get lucky on the first try". Indeed, though, who wants to do it from the ground up, "failing to greatness", succeeding ultimately? That is what this whole a...
It is no secret that commercial real estate investments are heavy ones that require a lot of money.
There are some things in life worth letting go of, and fear and negative attachment are both of them. Courage to let go and be totally positive about yourself may seem a little scary at times, but it is the best thing to do as we shall see in this series of musings from me:
What I did today. I visited the historical society in my town/city.
With Bruce Jenner officially confirming he is now a woman, the whole world and its mother has an opinion. Here I voice my opinion on the reaction stirred up on social media and how Bruce's situation is very different from Mr Joe Bloggs.
Its more about a child's curiosity and Motherhood ...Face the Truth
The real pain is often not visible. In reality we often cry over a simple bruise or a small cut but have you ever heard the crying of the people suffering from unseen pain. This is what the page is about...
I wanted to share this awesome game that my parents made me play in my childhood times. It is really helpful for growing kids and cultivates good habits, increases imagination power, concentration, etc.
Love can go by just as quickly as an afternoon jog...
AMRI is a hospital in Kolkata, India, where a fire that spread in the early hours charred 90 people to death on December 9th, 2011. The author lives close by and spent time trying to rescue as many. What an old patient in the bed could have felt is described in the poem!
It is about making money online with people who have time and mind to do so sincerely through hard work and a feeling of togetherness.
The Matrix is an introduction to education of our Perception, not really what is right and wrong but to see things in a new way.
A true story of a traumatised man who murders his children.
A story on how people are starting to become rude and snobby.
Are you gathering all the perks that are given to you? Look in your Treasure chest of life and you will find that YOUR BEST, not some one else's is coming your way. If first you don't see it there, LOOK and LOOK again! Your blessing is on the way!
Is their really a key to a good love in life?. Do you know what it is?.
The beginning of a my book "Of Zarathruster" whereby I share enlightened moments and words of wisdom.
This article is about facing problems and getting experience with it.
This page is about living with real events and incidents which is the realism.
This article is about forgetting the real world due to online activities.
Kevin Frank is a Kitsilano Real Estate Agent who helps you choose the best real estates, condos, and homes in Vancouver`s premier place to live and also sell your properties in the said place at its maximum potential. As a client, you will receive his total and undivided attention to ...
This would just remind one of the bsic rules, though not prescribed in any literature, about the manner one should behave, once faced with the outer world as an individual, rather than somebody's daughter, son, brother and so on.
A poem about a burst dam in Sheffield in 1864, and the loss of life it caused. The worst peacetime loss of life in Britain. logged in the Guinness Book of Records
This page gives the difference of our personalities in online and offline world
This article is about achieving dreams in our real life.. we can achieve it using..
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