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I lifted the title of this article off a chapter of a book and tape/CD by Dr. Robert Anthony called "Beyond Positive Thinking", but most of this material I am writing will have some "out of the box" originality that will be my own, so be forewarned. Some will like what I am about to s...
In reality, there is not a middle ground when it comes to genuine attitudes about life, death and all of it. There is a top and there is a bottom. Everything is an energy, it is either the energy of a winner or the energy of a loser. For that, there is not any in-between or middle gro...
Ask not and it shall not be given. Ask and it shall be given. Sure, that sounds rather "holy" or something, but is that not the reality of life. Ultimately, we all get what we ask for, and allow what we do not ask for. This is what makes reality a double edged sword which cuts all way...
Everybody wants to thrive, at least on paper if they cut corners and cheat a little bit. But the best way to thrive is to really and unequivocally thrive. Indeed, at the beginning of this article, I use the overused Mark Spitz quote: "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" Withi...
Facing reality without fear can seem like a "no person's land" to some and a genuine impetus for betterment to others. In certain ways, risk is power. I did not say "gambling", I said "risk". Going to new places in our lives is always healthy especially when it expands us.
In the hardest times of our lives, we want to be famous, "special" people that have no problems seemingly. But the thing this article is that it takes the opposite "tack" to that wish in that it goes in the opposite direction of solve the problems within yourself and then genuine happ...
Compassion should in my reality be a way of life toward yourself as well as everyone anyone meets. But, usually it is practiced out of guilt, compromise and fear. This article is about how anyone can practice compassion in life and benefit themselves and others.
There is a method in the working of Universe which may not be apparent now. Justice will be served eventually. Our actions give us solace or boomerang on us for our willful deeds. None should shortchange others and thereby divide society for personal gains.
This article is about Idealist & Realist and deals with their lifestyle and activities.
The whole Creation is ever alive and on the move. There is no end when there is no beginning! Enjoy the ride for eternity, taking all as part and parcel of existence and enriching every moment. Realism is our best companion in this ride.
This is an essay describing the authors' preeminent role throughout Edward Albee's often read drama, "The Zoo Story".
We stand at the edge of a great precipice, do we cringe back, into our ignorance, or leap to our destiny?
~She wears her wings mysterious~I am inclined to gaze at her reflection~terrified at the prospect of a direct hit~a sixth thing she~divides a man~becomes understated~damned & glad to be so~what is next if she is not~
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