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Money is energy, it is neutral energy. It is not good or bad, it depends on the way we use the energy.
Compassion should in my reality be a way of life toward yourself as well as everyone anyone meets. But, usually it is practiced out of guilt, compromise and fear. This article is about how anyone can practice compassion in life and benefit themselves and others.
After reading Steve Kinsman's page on War here on wikinut, I decided to write this. In the hands of monsters are placed the lives of innocent young men and so many people endorse this. So this is my point of view...enjoy...
Well, I am going to write about reality as it is, not how we think we want it to be. After all, do we recognize the bells of truth, justice and reality objective when we do hear them ring always, or do we need a clarion call to bring us there? I answer those questions and more in this...
Lack of cooperation and cohesion are preventing us from realizing our true potential. When we accept the reality that we sink or swim as one, we then inch towards the doors of heaven on earth.
If you look beyond the glass, you may be able to help a lost soul within
this is one of the poems that i wrote. it is about an individual who didnt had the best of life and wants to tell the one's around him what it really takes to know him inside out.
Some sites don't require any registration fee. But they will ask some money while requesting our payment..
This page gives the difference of our personalities in online and offline world
Being highly engrossed in your new found false happiness, you become oblivious of the reality creeping in stealthily. The moment slightest of inconvenience crop up, nothing remains same between you two, love vanishes in the air like camphor and cheating enters as third person. Then, c...
i m a lawyer & a lawyer saying this, should mean something....wrote this one in the early days of my litigation (sometime last year) on a dull sluggish day at the court, while minutely observing things and people around me.
This article is about writing the real facts in internet. Some persons writing fake information to earn money, they must surely avoid this kind of activities.
This poem take us to the street where daily someone die,and left unattended.This poem reflect the pain of the individual with whom tragedy occurs.
Poetry: Reflections of love a new and then, lost by an old fool.
As human beings we see what we see - and simply accept it. There is a whole lot more that we do not see, which is where everything really begins.
The ability to hold on to hope in the face conflicting realities, gives us the confidence we need to change our personal reality.
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