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In this world that we call modern, the most innocent including infants and pregnant women are still forced to flee their homeland for their very survival. What an irony when leaders of superpowers play politics with their lives and into the hands of the greediest!
We are slowly but surely embracing a lifestyle far removed from what we were used to. Are we becoming less human but more individualistic, selfish, even robotic in our thinking and action?
Change in our lifestyles is going at a faster clip. Can we pause and ponder where we are headed for or just allow ourselves to be led wherever we end up? Time to make a choice.
Catering to whims and fancies of our body leads us to nowhere as it feeds on greed only. Time to make a new beginning to leave a lasting and positive legacy that benefits all and in line with nature.
It is naive to think that our world is the only one out there. We may be isolated, but we are not alone. Explore another world.
~waking up in the desert~rainman~caught in the eyes of serpents~he learned reptile moves~denying Jesus while creating a chaos of gods~remembering the death car~indians on the highway~no one here gets out alive~
~monarch of the protean towers~Morrison ~human beings with best of intentions may do immeasurable harm~Nietzsche~I am only what lives inside each and every one of you~Manson~winged seraphs of heaven coveted her and me~Poe~
~Charlie Manson~look down at me~see a fool~ look up at me~see a god~look straight at me~see yourself~Jim Morrison~do you know the warm progress under the stars~do you know we exist~Nietzsche~know your overlord~ Poe~condor years~
There is a place called heaven beyond the sky, where we all hope to go some day when we die. Heaven is a place fill with beauty and grace, there the redeem in paradise dwell.
This page is all diary. A teenage girl writes it down starting from where her brother's funeral concludes.
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