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Analyzing the decrease in rural, small town population in India, lack of opportunities
How corrupt greedy officials ruthlessly exploit hardworking exporters in India, not allowing them to succeed
Even those who think nothing of giving everything they have as the right thing to do become aware their efforts are being taken advantage by few who are out to exploit their kindness causing a pall of gloom. The giving and taking highlights our attitude to life and it may well be give...
Laundry day. What more can I say...? Dirty clothes, I suppose, simply reacts with my nose.
We are born with varied passions, emotions, but manage to survive through reasoning and logic. Our Creator is everywhere balancing His act through nature. His is a thankless job of cleaning up after us and providing the basics for our survival. Are we worthy of such love and sacrifice...
We have all been brought up to live by a moral code, for many that moral code comes straight out of the Torah, Bible, Qur'an, or other religious script. Yet the truth is we do not need to be guided by any religious code in order to be moral beings.
It is not about whether we could have taken another path thus far, but more about sticking to the same unsustainable path that Einstein highlighted about insanity. Individually we know the direction to follow but collectively we lose it due to artificial divisions clouding the oneness...
Uddeśa Meditation ~ Step by Step Guide To practice Uddeśa Meditation is very simple and you don’t need to be an expert at meditation to gain the full benefit of it. This step by step guide is based on the way in which the original and authentic meditation was practiced.
At times we make foolish mistakes without thinking of the consequences they can have. When the consequences are grave ones, we feel lost, adrift and deeply sorry for what we did, but by then it is too late, for the deed is done and there is no turning back time. Even the most innocen...
The writer recently had an experience in which a series of events unfolded for him right before his eyes. He was just an observer here, but he gained some vital learnings and insights from what would perhaps otherwise have been just a largely wasted morning, sitting idly by doing no...
Our lives are full of choices and compromises and they include how we need to be aware of the needs of the mind, body and to live within the society we are part of. Time we moved as one towards self-realization to actualize our full potential and to find deeper meaning for our existen...
When we put inter-connectedness above petty differences and leave no stone upturned to find common ground to coexist, the road and era to peace and prosperity will dawn before our eyes. There are many wise among us and let us free ourselves from using weapons and coercion as the be-al...
The world we all cherish is within our cusp yet proves a mirage, remains elusive, when we continue to tread the beaten path away from truth. Creating trust leading to genuine bonding within humanity will lead us to the right path towards truth that alone can unite us. Falsehood will l...
The relationship, or lack of relationship, between religion and morality
Focus less on what other people think and life gets much easier.
The world we find ourselves in is created by us. Nature nurtures us all along and what we reap is from the seeds we have sown. Babies come with wonder in their eyes and an inner knowing – let us not poison them with our warped thinking.
It is a wonder that many way we look at and the things done in the name of love
Most people believe that everything that happens happens for a reason. Is this really true though? Here is a different take on this. If you are totally responsible for your own life, the reason must always be your own reason.
Yes even in the festive season, a politician will put in some canvassing
This poem reveals the true fact, that there is no season nor a reason for love-WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
It takes many things and ways to build this life. Accepting help and guidance along the way may help to live secure and make love glow.
Life thrives in acceptance of unity in diversity and that is based on live and let live. Modern technology helps to drive home positive vibes and there is no need to resort to wars that only heap misery on the most hapless and helpless.
One can see the great impact of the subsistence on an economy and lives of the people
I strongly believe things happen for a reason and I hope I learned something from the things I've been trough
Our thoughts and actions originate from the same source. Moral dualism is at play every moment and it is up to us to overcome the challenges posed by them. We should never forget this is a shared world underpinned by coexistence and harmony.
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