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It is my passion to add some detailed articles with the warning contents about the consequences to befall the sinful generation of Human Beings when Our Mighty God Will be denouncing Judgement on that Coming Day of the Lord. My contents aim at making people repent and turn form evil w...
God calls Moses up into the mountain where he remains for forty days and forty nights. Meanwhile the people below get restless.
This article is just an opinion on freedom by me . If you gain any thing good from this , I will consider I have done great . Please give your views and help me to discover my thoughts more . Thanks .
How Will and his partner began the Great Parking Ticket Rebellion.
I was always my own person. Sometimes this got me into a lot of trouble, especially with my dad. This poem is about how I dressed at my favourite Uncle's funeral. I wore no tie. I wore old jeans. I wore a very colourful bright yellow shirt. I wore my old thongs. Of course, I was sti...
As Parents, Are We At Fault When Our Children Fail? On The Other Hand, Can We Take Credit For Their Successes?
Ok, so I'll be 59 this year, I'm healthy, but a bit out of shape and 15 kg overweight. And I'm a complete and utter nerd. Yes, I already played Packman on one of those first IBM PC's with green screen! Is there hope to get fit again? Is there a way to work in front of a computer all d...
Let's base this back in a century or two when lovers lived in a borrowed time.A Indian freedom fighter much in love on the run after shaking the colonial rule that was holding so tight.To all around the world who where separated from their love.
It is time for us to find a way to refuse to participate any longer in our own oppression.
It is time to tear down this government, and if not at the polls, then revolution is here. The time is now, not in your children’s future, for us to quell this anarchist government with a show of force on our, the People’s, side!
PlayStation three Xbox 360 Style 1-Player Action (Multiplayer TBA) Konami By Rebellion Release:Q4 2011
I wrote this in college just as a joke for class and it's a compilation of a bunch of various things i learned that may or may not make sense but it still makes for a humorous read.
Slavery and rebellion in the Northern State of New York
One of the earliest slave Rebellions in what would become the United States of America
Still on Love and the Agape manifestation. It is better to have 1000 failed relationships than 1 failed marriage and one of the results of a failed Marriage is Divorce. For those of us not yet married, you need to read this and really understand what we are entering into when we want ...
Do you think that one evil act produces a ripple effect that multiplies exponentially down the line, affecting many others in the process? Read to learn more about this concept that is not often explored by philosophical thinkers.
What we know about God and His creation is from the Bible, which has been proven to be true with much evidence. So, this summary will reflect the conclusions that serious believers, Bible scholars, have drawn from the Bible, not simply my own or other's opinions.
They were like the rail I needed to get my life on track. They were like medicine to soothe my pain, and umbrellas to protect me from pouring rain. Who could I be talking 'bout? Well, that's a question that will only be revealed if you read.
I was forced to realize that the only way to bring the ordeal to an end was by giving them what they wanted. Check out this amazing chapter to find out whom and what I'm talking about.
The law-enforcers' action and unspoken words caused chills to shoot up and down my spine. This is a drama-packed chapter that should not be skipped.
Numbshock-causing dramatic events forever changed me. I found myself fighting hard to come back to my senses. Read and find out the outcome.
Explosive events and quagmire affected my senses and seemingly transformed me to an alien creature I didn't recognize. This chapter is very ironic and heartfelt.
I felt a sudden awful chill. My entire body seemed devoid of flesh and blood...that dreadful experience seemed to have lasted an eternity. This is a dynamic chapter that's guaranteed to have your nerves jumping.
The more I saw my buddy in action, the more I reminded myself to be cautious around him...he and some of the other guys I associated with preyed on people who showed signs of weakness. Read and see whom I'm talking about.
New environment and new cohorts brought about pressure and I found myself making some hard choices. This very interesting chapter cannot disappoint.
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