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Survival of Myths- ala- Modernally Of Rebirth...Magnificent myth...No one has ever been reborn..Yes similar avatars/incarnations may be...Join in contribute your view f you are just a follower... IGNORE....If you are staunch IGNORE others read SMILE and carry on
Poetry fragments of thoughts, ideas, and observations. A look into internal versus external worlds.
This is for those who believe in after life. The soul sheds a body and waits for another in a place we call heaven. It is the resting time for the soul, to recuperate from the excesses of the life left behind.
Spring is synonymous with new life and what better time than springtime to shed the old ways and live anew.
Our life has a beginning and an ending. We are born and later we die. Is this the same with our soul though? Was it created too? Will it die, or end its journey someday? This writer does not think so. Read his speculative answers to these types of questions in this article.
All of us can re-create ourselves if we have the will. Traumas and Troubles are inevitable. Its how we rise above them. having the right attitude is the key.
Its a survival story from the jaws of Death, that a Naval Pilot encountered after ditching an ill-fated Aircraft
Are we really going to take birth again. I had no answer. i was confused myself. "maybe"i said, "we might reincarnate" He asked me again - "tell me pratik, Are we really going to be taking again the form of a human?Will i be able to meet my family again.... " Know more about the cycle...
A tale of a many is reborn and must struggle with the memories of his old life and the path of his radically different new life.
A tale of a many is reborn and must struggle with the memories of his old life and the path of his radically different new life.
This poem pays homage to DeVonte Squire, A 20 year old Sophomore Theatre Major who attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. Our paths crossed moments before a pathway was created to the next life.
The period that began in Italy about the year 1300, developed in later years in other European countries, and ended about 1600, is known as the Renaissance. This period followed what is called the middle Ages. The term “Renaissance” derives from a French word that means “rebirth...
This is the story of the journey from the darkest moments of life and getting out of them with a new energy and more importantly, a new reason...The new reason that helps you in sailing through life.
Do we forget all lessons learned and experiences accumulated as we reincarnate through the physical process of rebirth? Captain James Galiac Sananda talks about the conscience, the DNA, and the subconscious or intuition where all past memories are stored. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Corte...
Is Group Consciousness as understood by individuals coming together or united in purpose on the earthly plane to be considered "Oneness"? The Mancharians explain in this new session with the scribes. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
Fact of rebirth............. What do you think??????????
You can attain a level of the deathless, if you care to find out. It is not a belief. You can feel your progress on the way.
Many Lives, Many Masters is a true story. It involves a known psychiatrist and his female patient and how he helped her through past life therapy. This entire incident changed both their lives.
We all change and morph and become something new. This poem is about looking into ourselves and believing in the beauty life might have left in store...
OUR BEST STAR poet inspires me form a birth rebirth society
April PAD Challenge Day 1 2013 from Robert Brewer's blog. Write a new arrival poem and in this case arrival of spring.
Incarnation rebirth and return from heaven are questionable But we still can surmise...
The corner stone of Hindu religion is life and its connection with rebirth and transmigration of soul
Here’s a poem I wrote about a year ago. It's about and old man and a tree.
Let us lead our lives with a purpose that our journey does not end here. It should nourish both the body and the soul leading to eternal bliss. Our life matters.
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