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This is one of my all time favorite bread recipes that I love to use. Its really easy to make and really yummy. I love blueberries, being from NJ where they grow wild in my moms front yard. This was the only thing I could think of making besides muffins. We had so many blueberries it ...
In the midst of all the fun Rainbow Ice comes to refreshing atmosphere. You can create your own to enliven the atmosphere in your family, it can also be used as a trading business.
If you like to eat the unique food, you ought to try the food from Indonesia. SWEET POTATO PUDDING name suggests, you can create your own. fairly easy and does not take a long time.
Snacking when on a diet restricted due to allergies or attempted weight loss is difficult at the best of times let alone for someone who loves chocolate and sweet snacks. These two sweet snack recipes are free of simple sugars, wheat, dairy, and eggs so they are appropriate for most r...
Cooking is an art to be pursued with passion, it gives you the joy of creating something new for people you love.
In this recipe, the Nutella Swirl Top works as the frosting. If you have ever tried to transport a cupcake with frosting, you know it can be quite tricky. With this cupcake, you can take them along anywhere without having to worry about a sticky, messy frosting top. They are great ...
Baked kale is a quick, easy, healthy side dish. It's delicious and can be seasoned to your liking.
Granola is something that I always like to have on hand. I use it to put on my yogurt, ice cream, with almond milk or just by itself as a snack. I like this recipe because it's easy to make the granola stay in large pieces to eat or big chunks for cereal.
This is a great recipe to use as an appetizer, with a meal, on a salad or in a taco. It tastes great and is easy to prepare.
This is one of my favorite biscuit recipes. The cheese and garlic makes them taste great with any meal.
Wake them up in the morning with the smell of baking cinnamon muffins. A sure way to get the household up and moving. These muffins go great with coffee or tea in the morning or anytime of the day.
These Red Velvet Brownies with Cream Cheese Icing are moist and delicious. It's a great way to have two great treats in one.
Having made perfume from rose petals last spring, my daughter and I decided to make a jam from the remainder of the petals. Many varieties of roses are edible and can be used in different forms in the kitchen and this simple recipe is just one of them.
A web site that provides varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.
This recipe was created by myself. It is published for the reader's enjoyment.
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