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Adopted child is the gift of God.How the adopted child are handed over to newly adoptive parents within a reasonable time is quite demanding. In recent times adoption is no longer taboo in the society, rather welcome in the family.
It is a thrilling experience to gather when one visits ayodhya hills .When one sees the hills from a distant place,it looks like a small hill.When one goes near it,it is really large.The ayodhya hills are a part of dalma range which spreads over three states ,namely West bengal, Jh...
We find ourselves in a divided world giving a tiny minority the right to write our epitaph as it were. Peace is what we all thirst for but it proves the biggest casualty, and is it not an irony that we are cruelly denied by the few unconscionable among us? Is it not a blot on our cons...
The title says it all! If you've entered this page looking to have a nice and quiet read, GET OUT! And that's putting it as politely as possible! My purpose of opening this page would be defeated if you read through this page unscathed, without any guffaws. I've tried to make it as di...
Every business requires risk assessment, in order to limit the possibly injuries to their staff, in the work place we often encounter trip, slips and falls. A bigger problem is the amount of claims paid out because of poor risk assessment.
That day (10 Feb 2011) started as an ordinary day. The difference is today, I begin to understand what it means to have been taking life for granted. I hope you are not taking your life for granted.
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