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There are some of us who travel through outer realms to help others in many different is our commitment and our joy to do...some won't believe but it still goes on....
How many times have you allowed your emotions to take you where you really do not want to go...into a hell of your own making...I speak from experience...knowing that being able to recognize this pattern is a way to release it...enjoy and be honest with yourself!!!
You are but a bag of bones encased in a body of flesh with levels of awareness. mind emotions a little more perhaps ...I hope. This piece reflects that you are more but only if you will recognize it is so...enjoy
A short story about a writer who started getting recognition.
Real progress is achieved only when there is compassion, love, understanding and inclusiveness. We are in a rut and invite wrath when we set one rule for us but cry foul when others too follow the same yardstick.
So many of us love to write..put thoughts down in varied forms..all splendid to behold..when this comes from your heart it is good and you are good....enjoy
Sometimes in life we just start a task...We don't have enough patience to get result, For eg.,If we sow a seed..We expect the fruit very soon..But we should wait, till the seed germinate to plant,flower and to vegetable or fruit..This poem explains how can we make use of the time in b...
I was told time and again poets don't earn many stars ....unless they are painted with snaps .....i gave myself a challenge and i have been given five stars.. in a row ...We can achieve that what we want to ....A small poem for you.
They gave a Star ,to thwart my expertise ,perhaps not,... as I was hankering...Childishness at times overtakes human psyche..It hadn't mine ...As I am an ACTOR of poetry divine.
Writing Knight's April PAD Challenge Day 4 write a poem on Humility.
Often the way we feel inside reflects in our communication with others...if we feel angry, we are not nice to them...if we feel happy, then we share in once again is proved how we see others is a reflection of ourselves.
Have you ever thought about how leaders are selected? Leadership is a skill that can be learnt, but it is a skill that has to be experienced. Can you learn it and can you grow? These are important questions about personal development.
Everyone has within them the keys of creativity. Some deny it and thus shut the door on it happening, others know it and ride through life on the proverbial unicorn of light. which way do you go!!!!!
A sacred lamp is burning for five centuries in a Vaishnavite temple in Assam, India. Burnt with oil in a mud lamp, it has been kept alive in a temple for all these five centuries by the faithful local people of a village. It has been included in the Asia Book of Records recently.
The Screen play of the movie ‘Junoon’ is based on Ruskin Bond's heart rendering novel 'A flight of Pigeons' is efficiently translated by Shyam Benegal himself without altering much to maintain the originality of the work! This movie is the masterpiece by various geniuses from thei...
This page is about feed back from our clients, which help us to know about our service.
You have to build your on line reputation to have recognition, to have your on line presence felt and to earn more.
One often heard about how sports have brought that change to some people's lives.
Recognition Day is one of the finest days in students life, in fact, it is second to graduation day. To be recognized requires excellence and success. Excelling or succeeding at something and to be acknowledged for a well accomplished job are two of the most inspiring and memorable...
In celebration of my mom's 73rd birthday, I am giving her a tribute as a recognition for her being the best mother in the world.
Waiting patiently to meet my soulmate (again). I will know him when I see him.
Our aged and senior citizens have rendered valuable service to the society and shared their best to their families and the society. Sadly they get a shabby deal when they reach their twilight years in the final phase of their journey in life.
This is the title poem of my upcoming book, my second one, titled, The Room of Mirrors : Reflections in Words. Poetry is a necessity for my sanity... A reason for my satiety... My very entity... Poetry was "The Torrent from My Soul"... Now it is the "Mirror of My Soul"... So let's ...
Ever considered and realized that all you who are reading this and are a part of wikinut in one or the other way or whatsoever you are today, its not just your efforts and dedication which brought you to this edge, but its the efforts of your esteemed teachers as well who made it poss...
To remember those left unrecognized in a massive heartrenching tragic loss. The recognition of Armenian Genocide still denied to this day. The first genoiced of the 20 th century, where it's denial and lack of care has opened the gates of hell to others that continue to exist today.
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