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With a knight on horseback out of Ferrero Rocher, i couldn't resist converting it into a far more dramatic scene
I made a horse out of Ferrero Rocher tinfoil wrapping - recycled art
Having made a horse, I decide to convert it into an even more elaborate creation - a knight on horse back
I enjoy sculpting in tinfoil. I even gave an art course once to children where I taught basic tinfoil sculpting techniques. Here are some thoughts on the subject
I created a tinfoil dog out of a chocolate wrapper to the delight of some children. This is an elegant and creative way to recycle as well a simple and fun art. Comments appreciated
Plastic, Copper, Aluminum, And the list could grow... But what about the home...... in your life the thoughts and memories are they not recycled in time. Some recorded to share.... discarded and read by another. The relationship factor... What have you done? Have you maintained the ...
On May 17 was World Recycling Day. It caught us a bit far, but never too late to teach our children to recycle and educate them from young to follow this example throughout his life. But, as sometimes, the obligations are not fun, we suggest in this post a series of crafts and games s...
It's almost Summer in the United States. It's time to go outdoor and enjoy the sun. There are many family-oriented community activities that everyone will enjoy. This article will give you some suggestions on what to do and where to go. I hope this will help you choose and decide.
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