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Fifty years ago, we predominantly discarded food scraps. Most products were made from natural materials like paper, cloth, leather, metal and wood and most were reused or recycled at the end of their useful life.
This page is about Recycling Day which is celebrated in USA
Plastic, Copper, Aluminum, And the list could grow... But what about the home...... in your life the thoughts and memories are they not recycled in time. Some recorded to share.... discarded and read by another. The relationship factor... What have you done? Have you maintained the ...
On May 17 was World Recycling Day. It caught us a bit far, but never too late to teach our children to recycle and educate them from young to follow this example throughout his life. But, as sometimes, the obligations are not fun, we suggest in this post a series of crafts and games s...
Recycling the old and used gadgets will be a good way to achieve a new evolution.
This article is about recycling the things. We must recycle the things as much as we can to live a good life
For this article I will include photos of one of my bracelets and explain how I put it together using found objects, charms, and parts of old costume jewelry.
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