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This article is based on Mark 15:39 in the Bible, when the Centurion said, "Truly this man was the Son of God."
He face operation gone wrong, lingering sickness that would not go, but grew worse until he had to scratch himself with a piece of broken pottery, carbuncle from head to toe, to get relief there was no E45 cream to comfort his wounds, nor any calamine lotion, but he had patience to en...
We are plagued with prejudices, They make us blind to the truth and bar us from receiving the abundant free gifts meant for us.
Job was a man who lived a very blessed life - until he went through terrible trials - but through it all he could say - I know my Redeemer lives...That is Faith.
God created man in His image, and God put man in charge of the earth. Man turned the deed over to Satan. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to redeem man and re-establish a relationship with Himself. Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer is coming back for the title deed of the earth. He alone w...
Ruth was gleaning in Boaz's fields , and he had noticed her and liked what he saw and heard about her ...but how did she catch his eye ?
What a beautiful sight that will be, I am sure even now many Christians are anticipating the day when we will be walking upon the streets of gold, singing songs with the heavenly angels, I know my heart desire to be in the new Jerusalem.
This is a relatively, brief article to cover a vast topic. It is the authur's hope that it will enhance your appreciation for the Bible and the huge amount of attention it has received over the centuries.
What we know about God and His creation is from the Bible, which has been proven to be true with much evidence. So, this summary will reflect the conclusions that serious believers, Bible scholars, have drawn from the Bible, not simply my own or other's opinions.
Humans often become perplexed about life in general, and at times become discouraged and unhappy about their own personal lives. Does the God who Created us understand and know us personally?
When Jesus was only about a week old He was visited by Three Kings. Then they all had to make a hasty exit because of King Herod.
Jesus promised peace and enlightenment to humanity. He came to liberate man from the slavery of sin. He commanded his disciples, “Go out to the whole world and proclaim the Good News to all creation.” (Mark15:16)
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