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I'm not British, but I live in a country which is a member of the European Union and I do sympathize with these British that are fed up with EU dictatorship.
Another bailout won't help Greeks to end with austerity, but they'll extend their slavery with the financial system.
On a day such as today and over a hundred years ago, Oscar Wilde was sentenced to forced labour in prison after having been acclaimed for his plays.
I know it's a while since we denied ourself the freedom to govern our own land, but here's a short article where I voice my opinions on what could have been...
The world watched and Scotland decided. There will be many who will be surprised by the result of the Scottish Independence referendum, yet the truth is Scotland has spoken and they have done so with the world watching on.
Reading that the financial markets are strongly for the No vote in the Scottish referendum is enough to make us suspicious.
Respected politician and scholar Dr Kiiru Chomba tells former Prime Minister Raila Odinga: "come on, don't force yourself on Kenyans. It is not a must that you should be President of the Republic of Kenya!"
Autocratic Governor Jackson Mandago now likened with Hitler as debate over whether plebiscite should be held continues drawing a lot of hooha and haha in this East African country
Another history lesson from Canada’s newest province
In a democracy, people are supposed to be in control of their own affairs. Do referenda offer a chance for real democracy? Would the powers that be allow it?
On May 5th 2011, the UK votes on its voting system. "First Past the Post" or AV? The two campaigns are battling it out furiously (in front of anyone who'll watch). AV can be defeated by being honest about what it is -- but the no campaign seems to have gone in the other direction and ...
About 8 million people should decide whether to remain united to the north of the country or if the implementation of secession. In the game of oil wealth
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