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Sometimes new surroundings can give you new perspectives, new ideas, as well as renewed inspiration. Of course everything also feels better if your feet feels good, so it's a pity my skatershoes that I came with are hurting my feet.
Are you one of those people who, like me, seem to be always be rushing around, taking life at full speed - until suddenly you feel burnt out? Maybe, like me, you need permission to slow down.
In the calm of silence, seek what waits beyond. Evaluate, anticipate, and new thoughts may come. Nurture deeper furrows in the mind.
This article suggests you to take proper break and refresh your self to gain energy
Winter is the testing time for mind. Winter brings gloom and sluggishness with it. Winter depression leads to many complications of physical and mental health.
Taking proper break will give more energy to you to do your work in a good manner.
This page is about relaxation and refreshing our self to get new energy
Keep your days young and energetic with a fresh and rejuvenating lemon tea. Lovely lemon flavors mixed with tasty ingredients of your choice can make your entire life year round valentine.
Modern man is much burdened. He is depressed and worried, losing his hope. But God made man to be happy forever. He is around you to make you happy.
What is love, exactly? Most believe it is an emotion, and can be switched on and of at any time. The purest form of love, agape love or God-like love, is an act of the will and does not change with our whim or circumstance.
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