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Writing a critical article on such as an issue may not be politically correct, but it's the way I feel, having been invaded by thousands of so called refugees.
There is a massive influx of Muslim refugees into Europe. They chose Europe a Christian civilisation against going to affluent Islamic nations. The plan is to Islamise Europe
A few people relocating to newer pastures are necessitated by their desire to live a better quality of life, but for many it is a perilous voyage on land or sea, often to face death. I have tried to give a brief summary of the meaning, causes and remedies for the vexed problem.
Across the world, refugee camps are in high demand with so many people leaving their homes, because of internal strife within their own countries of origin. There are three main causes as to why we need these refugee camps such as civil war, environmental changes, and religious persec...
The announcement by the government of the United Kingdom that it will no longer support efforts to save refugee migrants on the Mediterranean Sea is shocking.
I meet strangers from a strange land who take me into their confidence.
Hunger, homelessness, mistreatment by hostile nations and death in the high seas stalk the helpless refugees as they flee their troubled motherland
Syria is a country in turmoil. It's under a revolution where the rebels want the government toppled. Armed groups with various political and religious persuasions on both government and rebel sides are fighting each other for supremacy, resulting in the death toll of so much includi...
Moving into another country can be the most thrilling or the most traumatic experience of your life. But, emigration is not for everyone. You have to know what you want and be honest with yourself.
There are over 45.2 Million displaced person through out the word. Lets offer perfect solution for this situation
The world hasn't responded fast enough and the death toll in Somalia from famine is getting far worse with staggering statistics.
Kakuma Refugee camp is one of the biggest refugee camps in Kenya hosting approximately one hundred thousand asylum seekers and refugees, most of which are victims of war majorly from southern Sudan, from Somalia and the last major group from Ethiopia.
Australia was once proud of its international reputation as the Land of the "Fair Go For All" but this has taken a battering in recent years due to our government's treatment of asylum-seekers and refugees.
This a story of a small restaurant which became a club for displaced white people from many countries.
Refugees are real people who for reasons not of their own making find themselves in a position where they have to srtuggle each and everyday just to survive.
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