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Those moments in time you wish you could relive and change. My prompt that inspired this write was : Let's say resurrections are taking place ... who would you want to return and why?
A free verse poem emphasizing the importance of finding light in today and tomorrow, so as to move out from the darkness of past.
I have absolutely no regrets for the amount of ink I have had infused into my skin; my regret lies in trusting someone else's vision of what I should wear.
Sometimes love does not triumph to people in love.There are many obstacles along the way.One must be ready to face any obstacle so when it comes it will not be hard to fight for its cause.Love is beautiful that one is willing to be a prisoner and victim of it.
It should be after many years of marriage love go deeper and both husband and wife already understood each others' weakness,but why love has gone and hatred hoarded in the heart?What a waste of years ending in jail.What a painful reality.This means that sometimes divorce does not make...
This poem reminds me of my past .This past may also be like yours.
This poem depicts total destruction of a person's life due to love.It is not a sin to love , but in fairness, there must be mutuality.This poem relates struggles and hopes.The character did not triumph at the end,but the awakening to make life anew.This poem also shares a feeling that...
A tribute to a brief, yet meaningful love, that shall yet remain.
Its about what is regret. How regret make out path hard towards success and how we can overcome or neglect its impact.
Just a short poem to describe the love I have for my son and the lessons he should keep in life.
Regret is a thing that I get to feel many times...but I got to the conclusion that we should do something to chase it away
An expression of grief and remorse over a friendship lost and never to be regained and a shame-filled admission of guilt
A short poem about a thought having thoughts of its own.
Falling short of others' expectations as well as my own. How am I to explain my worthlessness?
I have tried to write about this subject and was never happy with my words. this is my best effort. The Mans inhumanity to Man is the reality of War... to not speak of this of this or to greet it with open arms is to be at war within. Stop the inhumanity, Stop the war! all wars...
Well my friends the laugh is on me because of what I fell for so this page will warn you not to be naive and gullible as I was..WAS....I there is lots to laugh at with the pics and with the Dean Martin video...and you can laugh at me too but lovingly I hope....
Inspired to me after going for a walk in the night around the city with a smoke in hand and a lingering thought in the other.
Sr. Joan Chittister, a renowned Benedictine nun and prolific author speaks to the burdens and blessings which are encountered by the elderly.
A smart, attractive and inviting feature Before the metamorphosis happened. And thus brought about the doom of things, Now I am leading a vegetating life Awaiting the end of my self as is the custom of the world!
Moving on and putting the bad stuff behind can be a difficult task In this particular poem. It s all about having the strength to regain your soul, and begin your life again.
Sometimes we take the pain the ones we love have and make them our own. Not a good thing to do as it upsets our physical bodies and creates karma for ourselves. It is their karma to work through in order to grow.
A poem dealing with regret about cheating on a lover.
There comes a time for each of us when we need to let go of past regrets and sorrows , and move forward into the new day of tomorrow' s gain...
Probably we have all experienced being betrayed, thrown out by a false lover...we have done it ourselves for how long does it take to get over the pangs of pain, remorse and all that jazz!!!!!! just like diamonds in the sky..they fall
This article gives the ways to deal with the regrets in our life
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